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Geopathic Stress Clearings

Sedona Soul Integration

Time away from whatever we are doing can always give us a fresh perspective so that we can return refreshed, with new eyes to see and to know both ourselves and our surroundings in a different way.  The details of your retreat at the Sanctuary will be creatively determined in a co-creative manner depending upon your goals for your time of renewal.  Whether you want a meditation getaway from the outer chaos, or you want instruction or healing in specific areas, we will help you to choreograph a retreat that not only suits your needs but accomplishes your goals.  Here are some of the general categories from which you may choose:

  • Silent retreat
  • Guided meditation
  • Breath of Love Sessions
  • Nature walks/hikes (within 30-45 minute radius of the Sanctuary, you will find settings of rivers, woods and red rock formations)
  • Yoga,
  • Individualized Transformational Healing sessions (indoors or in whatever Nature setting you may choose!)
  • Workshops and classes on specified topics 
  • Ongoing Mentoring/Coaching Sessions

 Because we have chosen a holistic approach to transformational renewal, we will guide your every choice from healing sessions, energy awareness and spiritual counseling, mentoring and coaching, contemplative time on your own, to workshops/instruction, to meal planning,  all to ensure the maximization of your experience here.  Please call or contact us by e-mail to set up your free consultation or book your session now

Personalized Individual and Group Retreats in Beautiful Sedona, AZ

"Everything about this retreat experience is nurturing, empowering and profoundly enlightening.  Every detail is tended to with great love and whole-hearted intention to make this experience an encompassing and delightful piece out of time.  Further, Debra assists participants to carry this experience forth into day-to-day living."  Patricia​​

Do your every-day thoughts predominately enhance or deplete your Life Force?

Are you interested in learning how to make the shift to consciously choosing only thoughts that enhance your Life Force?  

One place to begin is to make a new decision.  If you agree that you have been your own harshest critic long enough, now it is time to begin to treat yourself like a most beloved child !  

Imagine having your own personal healing consultant and guide to help you put together the pieces of your “Highest Potential” puzzle?   

How would it feel to know that you have the ongoing support you need to open your eyes, mind and heart to fully embrace the greater potential that lies within you… and to realize that potential every day?  

Retreats - The Sanctuary for Transformational Healing

At the Sanctuary for Transformational Healing, we believe that every Path is Sacred.  Therefore, we honor Your Path and hold the intention to support you in moving forward in whatever way is most appropriate for you (or your group).  Just as the path of Light in this picture shines on everything that it encounters, it is our goal to assist you in shining and radiating your Light wherever you go.  Your willingness to Blossom creates the foundation for our Purpose and your ongoing renewal is essential to your ultimate Blossoming.  We have created this sanctuary in a beautiful, natural and peaceful environment in Sedona, Arizona, to offer a place where you can take the time to breathe, to reflect and to contemplate your own blossoming, while renewing your vision for yourself in its highest form.


Debra offers the following classes either on site or will arrange an off-site get-a-way for your group. 
- Mindfulness in Everyday Life
- The Benefits of Energy Healing
- Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster
- Create the Life You Love
- Bridging the Understanding Between Science and Holism
- Perfect Body Image-Perfect Weight (Feeding the Body, Mind & Spirit
- Finding YourSelf in the Midst of Chaos
- Living Deliberately in the Flow
- Raising Your Sublime Energies
- WisdomWeather Workshop
- Understanding Your Beliefs - The Four Agreements
-The Healing Power of the Circle
- Cultivating Seeds that Blossom
- Birthing Your Authentic Self

- Making the Most of Menopause

- Connecting the Dots Between Our Health and Our Environment

Contact us for more information on each of these classes and others.

Are you feeling the "tension" of our times?  With support, you can shift both your perspective and your experience by re-framing and re-directing the flow of your most challenging situations.  Learn how to leverage the energy at the core of even the most critical "point of tension" to your advantage with ongoing mentoring/coaching sessions with Debra.  Similar to the concept of martial arts, you can learn to embrace the energy that you think you don['t want and use it as a force to empower that which you are wanting.

Mentoring sessions are $400.00/month and include 2, 1.5-hour One-on-one in-person, skype or telephone sessions each month, with email or text questions in between (1 per week).  This work may or may not (depending on your individual circumstances), include "assigned" meditations, exercises, affirmations, etc...

                                         Reserve your space now!

 "We may say to our students or children 
that we want them to be all that they can be, but do we also really offer them the crucial, unconditional love and support that they need to fully BE who they are?"

Joyous Becoming,

Blossoming Into Your True Potential 
​Debra Emmanuelle

Blossoming Into Your True Potential

Joyous Becoming

Ongoing Mentoring/Coaching Sessions

Our world is incomplete until You have fully blossomed... AND

Our #1 goal is to support you in doing just that!

Every thought that we think either enhances our Life Force or depletes it.

"It is the balanced recognition & acceptance of our differences and 
our gifts, not the destruction of those 
differences, that will ultimately create 
balance between all people, but most especially balance between the

masculine and the feminine."

Joyous Becoming,

Blossoming Into Your True Potential 
​Debra Emmanuelle 

​​​Healing Sessions by Appointment 

"I have lived in Sedona for more than eight years and wondered if I would ever find a healer that I felt was the real deal.  Then, along came Debra Emmanuelle.  She is deeply insightful caring and loving.  She understands from her own experience of healing, how to assist us.  From a well-spring of empathy, her gently process connects us to the Essential Source, which then allows us to open to our own healing - no matter what it is that troubles us.   From my heart, I recommend Debra, for she is a healers' healer.  She is the real deal!"  

~ Carla, Sedona

When we take time out, what we are left with is the Present Moment.

 It is only in the Present Moment that we can re-member

our Wholeness (Holi-ness)!

Over the years, Debra has learned to hone in on her intuitive ability to support the individual needs of each client, whatever they may be. Each session begins with dialogue centered around questions designed to arrive at the core, root cause of the issue(s) at hand.  Then, the client lies on a bodywork table fully clothed, while Debra works to align the energy field and genetic coding with the vibration of the newly achieved awareness, integrating this new frequency into all levels of Beingness – physical, mental emotional and spiritual.  This allows the client to achieve a new beginning reference point for responding to life’s challenges, allowing for continually increasing awareness, compassion and growth, even in the midst of Life’s changes and surprises.

As Debra supports you in bringing All that You Are into the Present Moment, in this Sacred Union within YourSelf, Transformational Healing occurs.

Individual and group Energy Healing sessions are available by appointment either in person or as distance sessions from wherever

you may be​​


Individual Session: $150 (2-hour Healing Session)

Sedona Hike w/ Healing Session in Nature: $250 (3-4 hrs)

Group Sessions:  ​Contact Us for more information

Please note:  24-Hour Rescheduling Policy

As it turns out, both the Earth and all life on this planet (including humanity) were created at an ideal electromagnetic frequency of 7.83 Hz - at the Schumann Resonance.  When this field is disturbed or distorted for either the Earth herself or any of her life forms, a change of frequency in one, necessarily affects the other.  Learn more...