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Dying Matters

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The Death Cafe


The Conversation, a Revolutionary Plan for End of Life Care, Angelo E. Volandes, M.D.

Celebrate the Mystery, A Mother's Journey of Awakening Through Cancer, Suzanne Elaine Lindemer

The Ozawakie Book of the Dead, Alzheimer's isn't what you think it is!  Elmer Green, Ph.D.

On Death and Dying, What the dying have to teach doctors, nurses, clergy, and their own families, 

Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, M.D.

The Last Adventure in Life, Inspiring approaches to living and dying, Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund​​

These adjunct services not only support patients, but ease the work of the health care professionals and family members committed to their care.

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Joyous Becoming

Circle of Grace  offers one-on-one personalized and group spiritual and emotional support, compassionate listening and guidance for both patients and their caregivers by teaching: 
~  Coping skills

~  The ability to accept what one cannot change 

~  To embrace a deeper understanding of personal current, day-to-day challenges… and much more…

Circle of Grace  offers emotional and spiritual support for those in facilities and private homes who require care.  We offer an adjunct service to conventional and hospice care in support of patients, family members, facility staff and private caregivers.

“Despite the billions of dollars that are invested in new [medical] technologies, the most important intervention that happens in medicine today happens to be its least technological: timely and comprehensive discussions with patients as they near death.  What people need most on this journey is not the promise of the next new technology but rather a guide to help navigate the dark forest in which they will undoubtedly find themselves” 

The Conversation, A Revolutionary Plan for End of Life Care. Angelo E. Volandes, M.D.

Blossoming Into Your True Potential

Support in processing fear and anxiety
Relief from distraught patients
A caring presence with no agenda other than to comfort.
Reduced patient needs/Reduced caregiver stress
Offering tools to enhance sense of inner peace
Less time spent putting out fires
Spiritual & emotional support
More peaceful working environment
Non-Judgmental Listening
More time for fulfilling other duties
Personalized one-on-one time
Calmer Patients/Calmer Caregivers
  • All of the above patient support features are available for facility staff and private caregivers as well