Joyous Becoming

Just imagine a Sanctuary that is not only a healing community but a sacred gathering place for all people whose chosen mission is to further the Plan of returning Light, Love and Divine Power to the Earth by raising human consciousness.   Wouldn't you Love to experience that kind of unconditional, loving support?

Our goal is to provide a safe and sacred place for healers and seekers to Re-new, Re-juvenate, and Re-birth on the levels of Body, Emotions, Mind and Spirit in support of the Greater Good.  The sacredness of the space and the sacredness of the intentions fulfilled by all who share in the sanctity of the profound healing experience offered here is both honored and cherished.  As you are supported in re-connecting to your deeper true Self  and learn new ways to integrate the higher level of conscious potential  that lies within you, you will experience a deepened connection to and appreciation for the Oneness we share with Nature/Mother Earth.  This is the very state of Being that will give you access to your full Potential and thus enable your effortless blossoming. 

With the support of customized class offerings (teachings), healing sessions, Nature hikes and retreat opportunities, combined with YOUR commitment to your own Growth and ongoing evolution, you can finally realize your desire to live your Highest Potential and Truth (Walk your talk). In the process, your inner commitment to summoning up all of the courage it takes to transcend any and all “stuff” that may be in the way of that realization, will efortlessly rise to the surface, creating the opening for your Joyous Becoming!.

We are committed to creating and maintaining a sacred and safe space within which you may Become who you have come to this Earth to BE, so that you may Give to this world the Gifts that you have come here to Give.  Our world is incomplete until you have fully shared your Truth – All that YOU are - and we are most gratefully honored to witness your Blossoming!

​​​What is Energy Healing?

Energetic Healing goes beyond the physical body, taking healing to a deeper level that reaches the cause of the dis-ease. Since most diseases begin at the emotional and/or mental level, addressing all aspects (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) of each person is necessary for real healing to take place.

All thought is energy which, therefore, can either be creative or destructive.  Thus, every thought that we think either enhances our Life Force or depletes It.  Becoming aware of our thought processes and patterns can go a long way towards supporting us in choosing thoughts that create and enhance that which we are wanting in and for our lives.

Energetic Healing, combined with Spiritual Counseling, supports this process by enhancing the free flow of energy (our full power) throughout our being, while increasing our awareness of disempowering beliefs, thoughts and thought patterns.  This process uncovers our innate Perfection, that we may access our natural and unlimited capacity for Love-Wisdom and Joy!

Healing Sessions, Spiritual Counseling, Personal Retreats

and Group Retreats

​​Debra Emmanuelle has been studying holistic approaches to healthier living since 1981 and actively teaching self-designed classes and workshops in the same, in conjunction with her private practice, since 1995 when she was certified as a Polarity Practitioner. She continued to expand her healing tool box with ongoing classes in Advanced Polarity Therapy, Energy Awareness and Spiritual Counseling, Sound Healing, Crystal Healing, Cellular and Genetic Re-patterning, Psychosomatic Healing and group healing techniques.  

She gratefully acknowledges that Life itself has been her greatest teacher and that the classes and books have served the purpose of refining and integrating the many Life Lessons that have come her way.   Her professional mission as a teacher is to be a facilitator and witness for the refining of the Evolution of Consciousness for others, assisting all who are willing and open, in finding their own Meaning, Clarity and Purpose through true connection with their Core Essence and Highest Potential.  Her ordination as a Minister of Peace in 2006 and her recent Master’s degree in Sustainability Leadership from Arizona State University are important steps in the realization of this mission.

To book a session, please contact Debra Emmanuelle 

Debra channels questions designed to go directly to & heal the root-cause of your dis-ease.   She then activates DNA-level energy integration & offers practical tools to access your Inner Wisdom.  Her clients remark, “I never thought that anything like this was even possible!”   By appointment only.

Sedona Soul Integration

Joyous Becoming, Blossoming Into Your True Potential

Professional Mission and Vision

My professional mission as a teacher and healer is to be a facilitator and witness for all who are willing, to open their eyes and their hearts to new ways of seeing and Being.  

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Blossoming Into Your True Potential

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