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"Are you allowing Love, free of  limitations and fear,  to open you more fully to your life? 

Could this be what you are here to learn and achieve?  

When is the right time for you to fully Blossom?  

Are you up to risking the journey, without attachment to the out-come of your endeavors?

Personal healing retreats are 

specifically designed and choreographed to support you in transcending whatever limitations you may be encountering.  You do not have to make this Journey alone! 

Whether your group or organization is lacking the clarity, direction and harmony to work together as a unified force or wanting to strengthen its leadership skills, Transformational   Group Retreats will take your organization to the next level.

We all need Guidance on our Journey toward Self-Realization - especially during those times when the bridge between where we are and where we are going feels endless!

Group Retreats

Personal Retreats

Personal Healing Sessions

Sedona Soul Integration 

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What if you truly knew and embraced the Essence of your Being, and

you were willing to do what it takes to live from that deep place of knowing every day?

What would your life look... and feel like?

Experience the Magic of Sedona, Arizona...

Unplug, Recharge and Open to Embrace the Real You!

Immerse yourself in a transformative, supportive environment​, with experienced healers as your guides

and let the unique Mystical Grace of the Red Rock Vortices escort you into a a world of New Possibilities!

If now is not the perfect time for you to Blossom...then when?

​"I have had near monthly sessions with Debra for the past several years - either in person or by phone.  I have found her groundedness and ability to hold a sacred space to be instrumental in allowing me to gain profound insights and achieve positive shifts on all levels - energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I am always fascinated by how she can tune into what I am needing to feel, or what perception I am needing to adjust, and then masterfully yet gently support me in that process.  I also appreciate that Debra 'walks her talk'.  She's very real and down to earth. She's easy to talk to and I can trust sharing deep, personal thoughts and feelings with her. I look forward to her ongoing guidance as I continue with my personal journey."

~Joyce P.   Pennsylvaina

“I want to thank you, Debra, for all you’ve helped me with.  I am feeling completely healed.  I feel wonderful – you’ve given me my life and heart back.  Before, my heart was heavy with hurt, guilt, fear and sadness.  Now it’s full of love, peace, happiness and self-love – and it is because of your influence.  I’ll never forget what you have done for me.”    ~ Lucille B.  ~ Texas

“Thank you, Debra, for the wonderful session!  I experienced an inner peace and alleviation of pain [from AIDS-related neuropathy and arthritis] that I have not experienced with any other healing therapy.”  Ron G.  ~ Maine

“Telling you what working with you and being healed by your sacred hands means to me seems to defy my limited vocabulary and skills.  Please know that I feel very blessed to have been brought to you, Debra.  You have made my transformation joyous and easy.  Thank you for all your care and love.”    ~Billie R.  ~ Maine

"I have lived in Sedona for more than eight years and wondered if I would ever find a healer that I felt was the real deal.  Then, along came Debra Emmanuelle.  She is deeply insightful caring and loving.  She understands from her own experience of healing, how to assist us.  From a well-spring of empathy, her gently process connects us to the Essential Source, which then allows us to open to our own healing - no matter what it is that troubles us.   From my heart, I recommend Debra, for she is a healers' healer.  She is the real deal!"     ~ Carla R, ~ Sedona

“I have been receiving polarity therapy energy sessions from Debra Emmanuelle since 1994. She is a grounding, present force with an innate ability to tune in to the specific needs of her clients. I have experienced several positive, profound life transformations after receiving a series of energy sessions with Debra. She has supported and empowered me beautifully through many painful yet necessary life challenges with grace and compassion. She IS doing the work God intended for her and I feel blessed and honored to have her as my mentor.”      ~ Laurie, Sedona 

“Gifted Beings and Healers have honored this planet for eons of time.  Debra Emmanuelle is one of these beings and I have had the fortunate experience to have met, worked with and received high vibrational healing work from her.   Debra has a unique ability to step aside and allow transformational healing to manifest for her clients, who remain fully present and engaged in the process.  Together, Debra supports her clients, through dialogue, in discovering their deepest core issues.  Then the fun begins – healing and peace is what we all deserve!”     ~  Stephen E, Sedona


“Need a soul refreshing, life changing healing session like none other you've experienced?  You can expect nothing less from my friend and colleague, master practitioner, Debra Emmanuelle.  Debra is highly intuitive, insightful and attentive to every nuance from beginning to end and will tailor the session to the individual by way of myriad modalities.  She is one of the best listeners I know and has an uncanny ability to zero in on the presenting issues at hand.  She is completely focused, supportive and encouraging in every way. I wish everyone could partner with Debra in this profound work she offers!”     ~  Patricia K, Maine 

“In the session that Debra did with me, I felt deep clearing and releasing as I was aware of the energies moving through her and me, some pronounced and some ever so subtle.   These subtle energies continued with me over the next couple weeks as I continued more opening and releasing.  Thank You, Debra, and your Magnificence for assisting me in moving beyond embedded, stuck energy and into clarity”.     ~ L’iv, Sedona


Blossoming Into Your True Potential

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